fabriqA employs a collaborative approach and a demanding work method for its projects.


We think of our projects not as the fruit of formal inspiration, but rather as the result of a constructive—and “constructing”—process that involves listening to, sharing, understanding, following and sustaining an idea, together.
This method has proven true throughout our experience, and favors design structured by the sound distribution of competences, energy and efforts dedicated to the project.


revolving around the user

collaborative project management

objective: the project’s coherence and balance

fabriqA agence d'architecture, Bordeaux, méthodologie

For who do we built ?  Why do we built ?  How do we built ?


(…) the exhilarating submission of contingencies to the desire to model space and light: never forget to take time to listen, then organise, draw, convince oneself, weigh, convince, choose. In the depths of fundamental and ontological constraints, reveal in silence, in many ways, something that is primary, through the texture of concrete, the shimmer of steel, the grain of wood, reveal the beauty of the sky.
Luc Weizmann, Chantiers des hommes à l’ouvrage, éditions Jean-Michel Place – translation by j.kent fitzsimons.